September 13, 2010 strong magnet

Veggie Food Fair, Juice Cleansing & Weekly Eats

Hope you all had a great weekend!
I had a great time at the Vegetarian Food Fair on Saturday. I went up with my friend Kelly, who is a food fair veteran. The plan was to be there in time for Meghan's cooking class but sadly we missed it due to crazy Toronto traffic. But here's a link if you'd like to try out some of the recipes she shared. I did make it to Marni's class though where I learned how to make guacamole that would make the Hulk proud by using green peas & lemon juice! We spent the rest of the day sipping coconut juice & spending all our money like 2 kids in a candy shop.
Did you know you could survive the rest
of your life on coconuts?
Cacao nibs, goji berries, hemp heaven &
lavendar cupcakes to share w/hubs!
I spent about 30 minutes being romanced by this sweet old man behind the sprouting booth and picked up a sprouting kit. I'm working on a post/vlog for you on the benefits of sprouting!
cute little mung beans waiting for tails!
men solution plus
strong magnet
Kelly & were talking about all the benefits of doing a juice cleanse a few times a year or whenever your system is feeling a bit sluggish so it got me drooling a bit & I decided to start off every day this week with a fresh green juice. I posted more about my experience with cleansing here.
This morning was romaine, spinach, cuke,
celery & 1/2 a lemon.
So as I sip my juice & feel zippy, I'm planning out our eats for this week - here they are with links to the recipes for you to try!
~ Chunky Celery Soup & Pita chips

have you tried any Vegan recipes lately you'd like to share? Did any of you go the Veggie Food fair?
See you later this week with Vega contest giveaway!

To your swellbeing,

September 10, 2010

Things to Swell on this weekend

Happy Friday!
I've been so thrown off this week with the holiday and cannot believe the weekend is here already!
I'm so excited though because the Vegetarian Food Fair is finally here and I'm looking forward to filling my belly with lots of new treats!

I was originally planning to go on Sunday but there are a couple of cooking classes happening tomorrow that I really want to attend. Meghan Telpner is on at 12pm and I've been listening to her podcasts during my morning runs and just love her! Marni Wasserman is on at 130pm who I'm really excited to meet and then there's that guy Brenden Brazier. Here is a link to the full schedule if you live in the area and are thinking about going...and really, what's to think about? Let me know if you're going!

On to your weekend healthy are a few things that caught my eye this week that you may find useful:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Sprout? I'm really eager to try it so I think I'll do a Vlog on it next week to show you how it goes! In the meantime, check out this great chart for easy guidelines

Does the massive recent egg recall have you thinking about how to avoid eggs for good? Check out this great article on egg alternatives. ~ Veg News

Are you looking to clean up your pantry in a healthy & vegan way? Check out this great list of items you'll want to stock up on ~ Girly Girl Army

Do you want to make your shoulders pop? Check out this great shoulder sequence by Gabby Reece - it's short but effective and would be best added on the end of a cardio sesh.

If you've caught on to the fact that 80% of the foods in the grocery store are GMO (Genetically modified organisms) and want to educate yourself to make better choices, then check out this video by Jeffrey Smith, Author of "Seeds of Deception." It is an hour long but I played it while making dinner the other night and couldn't believe the information!

So that's it for now. I just got my little monkey down for her nap so I'm going to head to the basement to try out a new body circuit DVD (Jackie Warner), cause I just don't feel like thinking through this one. The weather is so beautiful today so we're going to do a few fall-like things such as: a little market shopping in NIagara on the lake while wearing cute hats & sipping apple cider.

To your swellbeing,

September 7, 2010

21 day Vegan Kickstart & Crispy Peachy Keen

Hey Guys!
Hope you're Tuesday is treating you well....and if it isn't, then I have the perfect dessert recipe to cheer you up.
But first, I wanted to let you know about an amazing initiative called the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart.
It's a free program that's been put together to help you make the transition to a vegan diet if that's what you're interested in. When you sign up, you'll be sent emails daily for 21 days that are loaded with delish vegan recipes, podcasts and articles written by nutritionists & celebs that know their stuff.

And now onto sweeter matters. I hit up the market today and couldn't resist loading up on fresh Ontario peaches. Which of course made me crave a good old peach crisp for after dinner tonight. Here's a cleaned up version of this classic for you to try:


8 peaches, sliced
2 tbsp agave nectar
1 tsp vanilla
3 tablespoons brown rice or coconut flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
2 cups oats, (I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1 flax egg, (1 tbsp ground flax mixed w/3 tbsp water)
4 tablespoons earth balance butter, melted


Heat oven to 350.
Place peaches in large bowl. In separate bowl, combine agave & vanilla. Pour over fruit, sprinkle with flour. Transfer to casserole and set aside.
Toast almonds for about 10 minutes then add to flour, oats, sugar & cinnamon. Mix flax egg with butter and add to dry mix. Spread nut & flour mixture over peaches and cover loosely with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 20 min or until peaches are soft. Remove from oven and serve warm with coconut icecream! Add water as needed.

*adapted from the Clean Food cookbook

To your swellbeing,

September 6, 2010

Labouring in the Kitch

Happy Holiday! Before you do anything "labourous" today, please take a moment and read this great article on the importance of doing nothing. Sounds like a great way to celebrate today - and I for one will be doing this after a long couple of days with my little sweetheart having the flu. If I was to do anything today it will involve lots of time in the kitch and looking for ways to relieve the ringing in my ears.....

So here's our menu for the week. The biggest hit last week was the homemade Veggie Bacon. We crumbled it onto our pizzas Friday night and it was pretty rockin!

~ Eggplant Parm w/ Angel Hair
* Check out Org Junkie for a list of other bloggers that post meal plans & recipes

I'm loving the fall weather right now and looking forward to filling the house with eau de chili!
But for now, I need to get a workout in before all this food starts making me go for a second brekkie.

To your swellbeing,

"If it came from a plant - eat it. If it was made in a plant - don't" ~Michael Pollan